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Aquaterra Leisure & Islington Football Development Partnership

Aquaterra work in partnership with Arsenal Football Club & Islington Council as part of their football development programme. They selected the best in class system from Clover Communications for the following reasons:

  • Completely customised look-and-feel to match their main website
  • Easy integration with PayPal © for easy online payments integrated with the online finance system
  • SMS results line and fixtures reminder service
  • Hands on support and help to get started at no additional charge

Lewes & District Sunday Football League

Sussex County Football League have used the league management system since 2011. They find the following features especially useful:

  • Online match confirmation system - automatically contact the opposition and referee to notify & confirm matches
  • Match and Referee return cards - all online, no more cards lost in the post


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East Sussex Football League

East Sussex Football League will be using the system for the 2009-2010 season. They were keen to make the most of the new features:

  • Automatic league tables
  • Result matrices to easily add and update match information
  • Flexibility to get information out of the system
  • Easy man of the match end of season scores

Sussex County Football League

Sussex County Football League have used the league management system since 2009. They use the system to manage literally thousands of fixtures, with information available instantly.

  • Easy to update web pages using a graphical editor
  • Searchable fixtures - by referee, ground, team and much more
  • Customisable site design - change colours and images instantly


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Clover Communications in the news

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Sussex Sunday Football League

Sussex Sunday Football League have over 3000 players, all of who rely on the website to view fixtures, results, and for teams to submit match return cards. Referees submit return cards online.

The system provides easy to use reports to help the press secretary and automatic information flows to update the results after they have been checked, an automated fines system that detects from the return cards when a fine has been incurred and adds it to the team account once it has been verified by the treasurer.

At the start of the season reregistrations are easy - players just visit the site, enter their information and pay online to activate their new registration. The site collects all the information required to generate ID cards.

Brighton, Hove & District Football League

Brighton, Hove & District Football League have used the full league management system since 2005.

  • Fresh design
  • Interface for the admin site
  • Easy to navigate
  • Mapping system to get directions to grounds
  • Contact email and response system


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