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Football League Management Software.

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Football League Management Software.

Running a league can involve so much administration. Wouldn't it be nice to automatically handle some of those repetitive tasks? Our football league management software keeps your league running smoothly. It answers common visitor questions so they don't bother league officers. The automatic match and referee return cards mean no more manual processing. And our system provides players, clubs, and the league with the information they need.

Key features of LMS 5.0 - our league management software.

  • Fully featured web site contains the latest fixtures, results, and tables.
  • Easy to update league information pages and sponsorship.
  • League news scrolling display, ground maps and ground route finder.
  • Match and referee cards can be entered online. Available to clubs, referees or the league.
  • Access the site anywhere with a web browser.
  • Results are instantly available.
  • Reports are available to get access to the data.
  • Your existing data can easily be imported from other software.
  • Works with or without Speciality Software's football system.
  • Re-registrations happen online quickly and easily.
  • Electronic payments ensure that manual cash/cheque handling is minimal.
  • Increase the capture of fines to help cash flow.
  • Contact system records messages from the site, sends emails and tracks responses.
  • All you need to use the system is any web browser on a PC, Mac, or phone.
  • Hosted on cloud architecture from RackSpace. 24x7 freephone fanatical support. Fast access and minimum downtime.

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